No sales? Slow sales? We create Amazon text and photos that put money in your pocket and a smile on your face.


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Testimonials from Amazon Sellers

We saw a noticeable increase in traffic the first month with 4156 page views. Our distribution partner made note of a specific up tick in demand. I’m feeling optimistic that the updated listing is the cause. *

David S., Amazon Seller in the "Computers & Accessories" Category

Best $300 we’ve spent on digital marketing and SEO in four years of business… should’ve done it two years ago. 

Todd Schleuning,

I wanted to let you know that we are seeing results! Asteroid's efforts started us climbing in sales! THANK YOU! Earlier this year I was at 11 sales per day and that had dropped to 3+ this month. It appears your efforts might have turned it around. I will keep you posted but wanted to say Thanks!!! *

Steve D., Amazon Seller in the "Bedding" Category

We just recently launched our new product on Amazon and our listing was low to put it mild. The rank on was around 165,000 after the changes it went up to around 60,000 in just hours! Thank you and I do expect we'll be talking soon. *

Amaze Away, YouTube comment

just a quick thanks, my listing has just shot up the rankings and sales are way up! I have been using paid ads as well but will still give you lots of credit for this!

DH P., Amazon Seller in the "Home & Kitchen" Category

I definitely needed someone to help me beef up my page and they did exactly that I would recommend them to anyone whether you are new to Amazon or have been around for a while and don't have time to optimize your stuff these guys know what they're doing.

Ryan B., Amazon Seller in the "Sports & Outdoors" Category



You might lose money daily because (1) you're missing important keywords and (2) your text/photos aren't persuasive enough.

We handle both.



Here's our exact process used for 874+ happy clients (including $1m/month empires). We have the world's top optimization guide (150,000+ VIEWS). Your choice: spend irreplaceable time learning and writing, or use capital and hire us!



Keyword-Rich Title That Gets Clicks

You need a title that says "click me!" Powered by millions of data points from Google and Amazon via MerchantWords.


New Bullets & Description

Crafted to trigger buying behavior and put more money in your pocket. Your choice of HTML or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).


Keywords That Outclass the Other Guys

Smart. Thorough. Researched. We'll make sure you show up. More questions? Visit the FAQ!


Improving your text and photos = more traffic and sales. Simple as that!


What is AsteroidAim?

Asteroid Aim = 12 people obsessed with creating text and photos that put money in your pocket and a smile on your face. Toronto, Canada based. Founded 2017. 

We make our entire optimization process public. If you want to take that information and do it yourself, go ahead! Want to skip the hours of learning and writing? Hire us.

Email anytime.

Can you explain the service?

The idea is simple: make more money on Amazon by adding words that people search for. Plus, increase the number of people who decide to buy by triggering emotions. 

We've optimized 600+ listings, and sellers often see a traffic and conversions lift that pays off our service in 3-4 months.

It's actually not instant; it's a gradual ROI.

What's the process from start to finish?

(1) We get an order for the optimization service
(2) Immediately after, you're sent a questionnaire to make sure that we're on the same page about your vision for the finished listing. 
(3) We take 7 business days to research and compose the new listing.
(4) Upon delivery, we provide unlimited revisions, staying with you until you're 100% happy with the listing.

What's included in the $299 text package?

It's $299 for all text content of 1 listing written from scratch:

- Title
- 5 Bullet Points
- Description (your choice of traditional HTML or Enhanced Brand Content description)
- Back-end Search Terms

This makes sure that your product is the best it can be, and has the best chances of getting found. 

You can get a cheaper price if you do more listings.

What's included in the $899 photo package?

It's $899 for all photo content of 1 listing:

- 7 Crisp, Money-Making Images with 100% Amazon Compliance
- 7 Photos in Total: 4 On-White + 3 Lifestyle with real human model of choice (which includes conversions)
- permanent boost of clicks, conversions, and brand on Amazon - the world's largest marketplace

Asteroid Aim photos = your Amazon salesforce. Make your listing into a powerful asset that prints money for years to come.

Do I get a discount if I get BOTH? (text + photos)


Add both to Cart and automatically save $200.

It's a powerful combination.


New text = more keywords, which means more traffic.

New photos = better imagery, which means more purchases.

I have a listing with parent-child variations. Does 1 package cover it?

The optimization package covers 1 ASIN (so, one of your variations). 

That said, most sellers buy 1 package, get an optimized listing for one of their variations, then change a few words here and there to create listings for their variations (accounting for colors, sizes, and styles).

If your child listings are significant different from eachother, then you DO need to order more than 1 service package. Good news: you get better pricing as quantity increases.

Can you optimize even though I don't have an Amazon listing yet?


In fact, if we're writing the entire listing from scratch, you're getting the most "bang for your buck" because we research and write everything from the very beginning.

Immediately after the order is placed, we send you a questionnaire that asks for information like competitor listings, writing samples you like, and your prototype photos (if available). The more content the better!

Can I see examples of listings that you've optimized?

Yes. Email and we'll send you examples that are relevant to your niche.

In the meantime, I'll share my method so that if you want to do it yourself, great. If you want to hire us, also great.

The top 10 things that make a great listing: There's also a video version, if you'd rather: Would be happy to work on a listing together in the future.

I need to optimize listings in bulk. Can we work together?


Want professional optimization for your entire line-up?

Book a call to secure preferred pricing for multiple listings.

When do I provide information about my listing?

Immediately after placing your order, you'll receive a super-secret welcome email with a questionnaire. In it, we ask you questions about your product, brand, vision, and preferred writing style. It takes 5 minutes, but saves a ton of time on the other end.

Can you look at my listing and tell me if it needs optimizing?


Email with your Amazon URL and we'll take a look.

We turn down listings where we can't provide substantial value, so get your honest assessment now. Can't hurt, might help!

Do you work with A+ and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?


Post-order, we'll ask you a few questions about your listing.In the questionnaire, simply note which of the 5 EBC Templates you'll be using, and we'll write the headers and text blocks accordingly.

Do I have to give you access to my Amazon account?

No, we don't require access to your Amazon account (i.e. no user permissions or integrations needed).

Once finished, your new listing will be delivered as a .doc file with your optimized Title, Bullets, Description, and Search Terms clearly marked. You'll also get a step-by-step video guide to help you update your listing content successfully.

Amazon then saves your new content and will update your listing within 15 minutes.

How long does it take?

For text: 7 business days or less.

For photos: 14 business days or less.


In the case of photos where the product is being shipped from outside of the continental United States (and not via FBA), photo assets will be delivered 14 business days from the time that the product is received.

How many revisions do I get?


We believe in working with you until you're 100% happy.

For photos, where do I ship my product?

Ship ASINs to our photography studio in California via Amazon Fulfillment Order.

Address will be specified post-order. 

Do you provide post-sale service?


All listing optimizations are backed by unlimited revisions. We work on it with you until you're 100% happy.

More questions?

Email us at Or...