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What is Asteroid Aim?

Why do you give away your method for free?

Can you explain the service a little more?

What's the process from start to finish?


What's included in the $299?

I have a listing with parent-child variations. Does 1 package cover it?

I need to optimize listings in bulk. Can we work together?


When do I provide information about my listing?

Can you optimize even though I don't have an Amazon listing yet?

Can you take a look at my listing first and tell me if it needs optimization?

Do you work with A+ and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Do I have to give you access to my Amazon listing in order to optimize it?

Can I see examples of listings that you've optimized?

Do you provide post-sale service?


How long does it take?

How do I update my listing with the new, optimized content?

I made the changes but my listing hasn't updated yet. What do I do?

What's this table of keywords at the end of the deliverable?

Do you have an affiliate program?



Where do I ship my product?

How long does it take to get my new photos?