Amazon Market Research - Finding Money Making Ideas to Sell Online with Jungle Scout (Uncut)

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Want to know what to sell on Amazon? It's Niche Hunt #2! Hang out with me for a live Amazon FBA market research session. With a little help from Jungle Scout, we found the following money making ideas to sell online.

1 = excellent. 2 = great. 3 = good.

Photo Display 2
(hydroponic) grow tent 2
Manifold Gauge Set 2
star projector 2
height increase insole 2
(cockroach) bed bug trap 2

Air Vacuum Pump 3
Refrigeration Kit 3
plastic mirror 3
mirror sticker 3
hollywood mirror 3
moon night light 3
kids easel 3

Selling product is easy when you do the proper market research. Any one of these online money making ideas can bring you thousands per month in passive income!

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