Amazon Patent Lawyer Rich Goldstein - How to Patent an Idea & Protect Your Amazon Seller Account

In this guest episode, patent lawyer Rich Goldstein stops by to chat about: 

- Amazon IP
- how to protect your Seller Central account
- how to patent an idea
- the difference between trademarks, utility and design patents
- how to deal with Amazon IP claims 
- doing patent searches, and more.

Rich has built his career on working with individual inventors, product developers, brands, and product startups. Some highlights:
- Providing custom-tailored patent law representation. From this interview, you can tell he really cares. 
- He has given critical advice to more than 10,000 inventors, and has obtained nearly 2,000 patents for his clients (via his law practice, here). 
- He has educated thousands more about the patent process through his seminars, educational videos, and best selling book: The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent.


Key Takeaways

  1. Before you start selling, do a patent search (Google Patents, attorney help, etc.).
  2. If you've been publicly selling your product in-market for 1 year or more, you can no longer patent it.
  3. Register a trademark to gain access to Amazon Brand Registry. Easier if it's an "arbitrary" word.
  4. Forget about doing a patent yourself.
  5. The most defensible IP on Amazon = Design Patents (unlike the rest of the world, where Utility Patents rule).
  6. Decide if IP protection is right for you early on. If it is, pursue it. If it's not, forget about it and pursue your business.

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