Is my Amazon product idea a winner or loser? Find out here

People write to me all the time asking: “I have 3 product ideas I’m considering selling. They all seem good. Which one should I pick?”

Well, here are the 20 most important questions you need to ask yourself. Test your ideas here: 

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Does it fit in a shoebox?
Does it weigh under a pound?
You drop it on the sidewalk by accident. Does it break?
Does it have sharp edges, magnetic properties, and/or batteries?
Customers need an instruction manual to understand how to use it

Priced between $15 – $45
Amazon listing prices are at least 3x sourcing price. Go to Alibaba.
Are customers likely to place reorders?
Do 3 sellers on page 1 have a BSR under 10,000?
Do 3 sellers on page 1 have 100 reviews or more?
Do 5 sellers on page 1 have projected revenues over $10k/mo?
The same brand name occupies 3+ page 1 spots?

Is it sold at Wal-Mart, Target, or other physical big box stores?
Search the main keyword in Google Trends in a 5 year view. Is it trending up?
Can you think of 3 major keywords that refer to the product?
Does the customer have a strong sense of identity?
Can you do better than the competition's photos and text?
Does the competition have bad reviews?
Are other sellers buying Amazon PPC ad spots?

Because here’s the thing: you’re about to make the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION of your (Amazon) LIFE but you have the LEAST AMOUNT of experience and information.

Make no mistake: the product you choose WILL make or break your business (and your dreams).  

To help with this, today we’re going to check out Asteroid Iggy, the world’s first intelligent “Decision Maker” engineered exclusively to evaluate Amazon FBA products. Iggy rates your idea based on the 20 different factors and tells you if you’ve got a profitable winner or a soul-crushing failure.

You need an expert opinion, but coaching’s expensive.
Articles and research tools provide general information, but not specific advice.
Iggy’s your product coach, open for consultations 24/7.

Test your ideas at

And if you think you don’t deserve help picking a product, think of it this way: you’re going to pay $100s or $1000s for inventory, right? Wouldn’t you set aside a few bucks to make sure it’s the right inventory and not the wrong inventory? Saddling yourself with hundreds of units that don’t sell is a HUGE loss.

These 20 factors split into 3 dimensions:

  • physical specs (like size, breakability, shipping, potential legal liability, etc.)
  • numbers (like profit margins, projected revenue, BSRs), and lastly
  • the market (consumer trends, keywords, reviews, and more).

So: is this a winner? Or does it just look like one? Let’s find out.

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