Why you should sell your private label product on Amazon UK (Amazon.co.uk)

Why you should sell your private label product on Amazon UK (Amazon.co.uk)

Amazon.com, everyone’s favorite online money-maker.

What’s not to love?

Source a product, ship to Amazon, get reviews, and sell to Amazon’s millions of loyal customers… all while Amazon handles shipping and customer service for you.

It’s the biggest B2C online selling opportunity in human history.

But with the spotlight on the US, it’s easy to overlook one thing: Amazon.com is just 1 of 11 different Amazon markets.

There’s Amazon Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, and India. Millions of customers waiting to buy what you sell — all you need to do is be there.

But integration isn’t easy.

Each country has its own Amazon set-up process and laws on importing and taxes. So, one does not simply start selling on all 11 platforms at once.

So, what first?

Let me explain why Amazon UK should be your lead domino. Grab your passport. We’re going across the pond.

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What’s in it for you?

First off, how many potential customers are you getting?

US | Population (2013): 316 million
UK | Population (2013): 64 million

US vs. UK population.

To be fair to the UK, look at the relative land masses.

US vs. UK landmass.

But my question to whoever made this map is why put the UK there? This map makes it look like the UK’s ready to vote Trump. Anyway…

Vote your conscience.

How much money do you stand to make?

US | Amazon.com revenue (2015): $107.01 billion
UK | Amazon.co.uk revenue (2015): $9.03 billion

This means that the UK is 8.4% the size of the United States in Amazon revenues.

So naturally, many sellers dismiss it: “8.4% as big? That means I’ll get 8.4% of the sales that I do in the US.”

And… that’s where it ends.

Is the UK worth selling to?

Because for better or for worse, there’s been a lot of hype about selling on Amazon’s US market.

This creates a cycle that positions American FBA as the best and only Amazon opportunity. More success stories and marketing, more sellers enter, more success stories, more sellers. And it’s true — you can make a lot of money on Amazon.com. Remember: in terms of the number of customers within reach, this is the greatest sales opportunity in history.

But this leaves Amazon UK, a $9 billion dollar Amazon market, largely neglected by sellers since everyone thinks: smaller market; not interested.

Zig when they zag.

All the savvy sellers (including international brands from Europe and Asia) focus their efforts on Amazon.com, a large affluent market. Good move.

So in the UK, there are fewer savvy sellers than in the US and less international business focus, yet there are millions of similarly affluent customers who need your product.

See the opportunity?

In the UK there’s less competition but the same type of online shopper.

A study found that US shoppers spend, on average, £1,120/year. That’s, uh, let me see… call it $1485 USD/year.

The UK shopper spends, on average, £1,174/year or $1556 USD, which is actually more than the US shopper.

And reports, like this one from Business Insider, indicate that Brexit hasn’t killed British spending.

In fact everyone from the BBC to the Guardian to Reuters to the credit card companies themselves say sales are up.

So here’s what we know so far about the UK.

There are:

(1) fewer savvy sellers, both local and international, to compete with 
(2) yet, the same customer profile: an affluent English-speaker who actually spends more than their American counterpart 
(3) and, UK retail sales are up despite Brexit.

Now, we’re going to look at some Amazon niches in a second, but as if this wasn’t enough, your product can use the same ASIN, and be managed from the same Seller Central account.

And, by signing up for Amazon UK, Amazon lets you sell to all 5 of Amazon’s European markets: Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it and Amazon.es, which gives you millions of additional buyers on top of UK traffic.

Source: https://services.amazon.co.uk/services/sell-online/international-selling.html

Ranking on page 1 and making sales on Amazon UK requires less up front investment in terms of initial sales and reviews.

Let’s look at some popular private label niches and look at what it takes to get onto page 1, first on Amazon.com and then on Amazon.co.uk.

Keyword: DOG TREAT
Category: Pet

On the left, we see a market where there’s tons of cash, but getting thousands of sales and reviews is the norm.

On the right, the UK. With no one over 1000 reviews.

And remember to multiply the UK revenue numbers by 1.30 to convert to US dollars.

And I’m using RPR, a metric that we use, to quickly assess how potentially profitable the niche is. It’s the monthly revenue divided by the number of reviews on the listing, effectively telling you how much getting each review is “worth.” Not exact, but an excellent way to sum up an Amazon listing in 1 number.

Keyword: DOG TREAT
Category: Supplements

US: Top seller makes $23,547 USD with 1658 reviews. RPR = $14
UK: Top seller makes $14,932 USD with 435 reviews. RPR = $34

Category: Supplements

Supplements will be competitive wherever you go, but it’s much less so in the UK, with each review being “worth” more to the bottom line.

US: Top seller makes $60k with 4500 reviews. RPR =$13 
UK: Top seller makes $8.3k with 460 reviews. RPR = $18

Category: Supplements

US: Top seller makes $300k with 15,000 reviews. RPR =$20
UK: Top seller makes $78.6k with 3095 reviews. RPR = $25

Category: Clothing

US: Top seller makes $4100 with 509 reviews. RPR =$8
UK: Top seller makes $1600 with 73 reviews. RPR = $22

You can pick pretty much any niche, and the story’s the same: you need fewer reviews to get to the top.

And we can help you get to the first page, both in the US and in the UK markets, by selling your product to our community of certified product reviewers. We’ve done this for our clients again and again, so why not you?

Get in touch at hello@asteroidaim.com or toll-free at 1–855–707–2395 to rank your products on Amazon.co.uk now, rather than later. The timing’s perfect. Expansion is an excellent investment in yourself and your business, and we’re here to help.

How do I sign up?

Now, explaining the technical aspects of setting up a UK account is something for a different time. But you know that we always deliver.


For a breakdown on signing up for Amazon UK, I dug up the 2 best guides:

First, a LinkedIn article from Kiri Masters, who’s an excellent writer and a Quora rival of mine:

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-start-selling-amazon-uk-europe-fba-kiri-masters

And second, this article from Tom, which talks about being a US seller expanding to Amazon.co.uk. I’ll link to both of these guides in the video description.


So here’s the strategic plan for the UK:

Amazon.com is profitable, and has a lot of attention. While everyone’s focusing on that, now’s the time to expand to the UK, taking advantage of less competition and increased consumer spending. Reviews that you get in the British market are automatically worth more in terms of long-term ranking. Consolidate your lead now, and opt into all of Amazon’s European markets.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you in the next one.

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