Resources for Amazon FBA Sellers

The Best Resources, Software and Tools for Amazon FBA Sellers

...the DEFINITIVE list of tools, resources, and software for Amazon FBA sellers to maximize their earnings while selling on Amazon. It doubles as a "how to" guide because they're listed in the order that you'd need them if you're just getting started.

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Amazon's a huge opportunity, and you've decided that you're doing to do it. But where do you start? Well, what kind of person do you want to serve with your products? Ideally, pick something where you're a member of the target market. Makes it easier. 

> 100 Product Ideas (Video) 
> What is it? A YouTube video with 100 rapid-fire private label product suggestions.  
> Why you need it: even if you don't use one of these, it teaches you how to think about good FBA product ideas (a "teach a man to fish" sort of thing) 

> Jungle Scout
> What is it? Google Chrome extension for Amazon product research. 
> Why you need it: product research takes a long time. This makes it faster. 

> The Tracktor
> What is it? Google Chrome extension that automatically shows you pricing history of the listing you're looking at. 
> Why you need it: look at products you're thinking to sell: have they have uninterrupted prosperity for months? Or does the price constantly fluctuate in a race to the bottom? Now you'll know. 

> Google Trends 
> What is it? Free Google search showing macro-level popularity of product niches. 
> Why you need it: every product idea you're considering is either: (1) "trending" = on its way up; (2) "mature" = has hit mainstream acceptance, also called "saturation"; (3) "declining" = the best days are over. Also see: "Diffusion of Innovation".


How to turn your product idea into a physical form factor. 

How to Source Products from China on Alibaba for Amazon FBA (Video)

> What is it? A 17-minute introduction to sourcing products for Amazon. Includes sourcing templates and a special spreadsheet for keeping track of suppliers. 
> Why you need it: c'mon. 

> Alibaba
> What is it? The largest directory of Chinese wholesale suppliers in the world. 
> Why you need it: you can certainly source locally (for ideological, quality, or branding reasons). But for most products, Alibaba is a good fit... if you know how to source (see above). 

> Guided Imports
> What is it? An end-to-end sourcing service.   
> Why you need it: minimize risk and ultimately save money when sourcing from China. Especially if it's your first time, it's good to have someone on the ground. 


Every product that you sell through Amazon FBA needs a UPC (universal product code). Here's what our clients have used and had success with. 

> Nationwide Barcode

> What is it? Buy UPC/EAN numbers here. 
> Why you need it: Amazon says so :) and everything would fall into chaos if products didn't have unique codes with which to identify them, c'mon. 


Now that you've sampled, sourced, and paid for inventory, it's time to send it to Amazon for fulfillment. "The hills are alive with the sound of logistics". 

> Video Tour of Amazon Seller Central (for n00bs) 
> What is it? A walkthrough of Amazon's interface for third-party sellers.
> Why you need it: you only need it if you're a n00b. 

> How to ship by air to Amazon FBA (Seller Central) (Video)
> What is it? A step by step look at 
> Why you need it: 

FBA Forward
> What is it? Freight forwarding.
> Why you need it: get your product from your supplier to Amazon FBA without any surprises (not the good kind) with a team of experts. 

> Shapiro
> What is it? Freight forwarding. 
> Why you need it: get your product from your supplier to Amazon FBA with Shapiro, listed as an official Amazon partner. 


Your inventory is paid for, shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse, and the inventory starts to populate in your account: 1, 10, 100, 500 units. How do you position yourself to start making money? First off, you need a listing with relevant, high-traffic keywords and persuasive sales copy. 

> Asteroid Aim Listing Optimization Service

> What is it? Us.
> Why you need it: like many things on this list, you don't! Write your listing yourself. But, if you want to save yourself from wasted hours, research, guesswork, and mistakes... our team is standing by to write your listing end-to-end from scratch. 

> AmzEurope Listing Optimization Service
> What is it? Optimize your listings for Amazon's European marketplaces. 
> Why you need it: Amazon's European marketplaces are growing fast. Some say it's like in 2012. Capitalize now by maximizing your traffic and conversions with the experts at AmzEurope. 

> Merchant Words
> What is it? Know how many people are searching for keywords on Amazon on a monthly basis.
> Why you need it: it's one of the few products that gives you estimated monthly search volumes directly from Amazon. That way, you're not just guessing about what keywords to include in your listing. 

> Google Keyword Planner Tool
> What is it? Know how many people are Googling certain keywords on a monthly basis.
> Why you need it: get a top-level view at what people are looking for online. But beware: this is Google search data, not Amazon data. Therefore, it's slightly less relevant for our purposes. Go with Merchant Words if you can. 


Photos determine the number of clicks you get when you appear in search results (it's you vs. the other guy's photo), as well as your conversion rate. So get it done right! 


> What is it? Welp. See above. 
> Why you need it: you ship it, they shoot it! 

> Upgraded Images
> What is it? Amazon product photography. 
> Why you need it: great repertoire of examples and a focus on Amazon sellers. Hard to go wrong! 

> Jun Photo Studio
> What is it? Professional, affordable photography and video production services for sellers.
> Why you need it: Thousands of Amazon sellers served so far. If you're sourcing from China, Jun will take photos there to save time and cost.


Get your product in front of shoppers. They buy your product at a discount, and give your product the momentum it needs to start making organic sales.

> JumpSend

> What is it? A self-serve marketplace with coupon distribution tool and follow-up options. 
> Why you need it: to put just-launched products and less-than-amazing performers into the fast-lane, you need to get some initial sales. JumpSend can help. 

> Snagshout
> What is it? A self-serve marketplace with shoppers
> Why you need it: get your product in front of thousands of shoppers to get the all-powerful momentum going. 

> Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator
> What is it? Free Amazon tool. Plug in your ASIN, your sales price, and get your profit per unit.  
> Why you need it: it's the psychic crystal ball of Amazon product launches, telling you how much you'll earn/lose per sale if you sell your product at certain prices. 


Amazon's October 3, 2016 policy update forbids products sold in exchange for review ("incentivized reviews"). Yet, reviews still affect conversion rates and correlate with sales, so what's a seller to do? 

> Feedback Genius

> What is it? Automated messaging software for Amazon sellers. 

> Salesbacker
> What is it? Automated messaging software for Amazon sellers. 

> Feedback Five
> What is it? Automated messaging software for Amazon sellers. 


> Bobsled Marketing
> What is it? End-to-end PPC management service.
> Why you need it: Get your products found by the right customers and see consistent, profitable revenue improvement with Bobsled's team of professionals. 


A curated collection of apps to take your private label business to the next level.

> Sellics 
> What is it? All-in-One Web-Software to manage and optimize your Amazaon business.
> Why you need it? Managing your keyword rankings, reviews, inventory levels, margins and PPC campaigns can be a hassle. This makes it easy.

> AmzSuite

> What is it? 
> Why you need it: automates tedious tasks like reconciling refunds, managing damaged inventory, removing negative feedback, and requesting reimbursements.

> AmzShark
> What is it? Software to track listings and see how they're ranking for keywords.
> Why you need it: discover accurate sales, price history, and BSR for virtually any Amazon product. 

> Sellbrite
> What is it? Multi-channel listing management software.
> Why you need it: managing multiple sales channels is really hard. Sellbrite automates listing, syncing, and shipping for your channels, so you can invest more time in growing your business.

> Skubana
> What is it?  Multi-channel inventory management software.
> Why you need it: as you scale and you're taking orders on multiple channels, Skubana gives you one place to manage, analyze, and act on your data. 


> FE International
> What is it? M&A Advisory service that helps grow, sell, and buy Amazon FBA businesses
> Why you need it: One day, you’ll need help selling your Amazon FBA business. This will take a comprehensive exit planning and access to an established network of buyers. We’ll be here for you.


For those times that you need to kick off a pesky listing hijacker or reinstate your suspended Amazon account, there's these A-players.

> Amazon Seller's Lawyer
> What is it? CJ Rosenbaum and his team help Amazon sellers with all things legal.
> Why you need it: for times when you need help from a lawyer who also knows the Amazon FBA game, there's CJ and his team. 


> The Amazing Seller Podcast
> What is it? The most well-loved, down-to-Earth podcast in the FBA world. 
> Why you need it: host Scott Voelker is truly dedicated to helping people, has released 300+ episodes on everything from sourcing to optimization. 

> The HonestFew YouTube Channel
> What is it? Funny, informative, visual Amazon FBA screencasts. 
> Why you need it: if you're a visual learner with a sense of humor, check these out. 

> The Tribe
> The Tribe is a business incubator that connects entrepreneurs, investors, audience leaders, and distribution channels to create new opportunities. Retail buyers and venture capitalists join the Tribe to find their next opportunities, so the group acts like a business accelerator. If you're ready to uplevel your connections, engage in CEO-level thinking, and create powerful revenue streams simply because others in The Tribe and get you into new channels, you'll want to join The Tribe. You can apply to join The Tribe by going to

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