Top 100 Amazon Niches in 2017 - High-Profit, Low-Competition Moneymakers

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What would you do with that extra 5k, 10k, 20k/month? Wouldn't life be more free? Relationships that much more relaxed?

Cash does make a difference. You can do it by selling on the world's largest marketplace. And it all begins with a carefully thought-out niche. And I have 100 to choose from.

Why you need this: 
- 80% of your success on Amazon depends on your product/market selection
- first-time sellers are forced to make this choice at the beginning of the process. The hardest decision needs to be made FIRST! 
- investing $499 now will save you $1000's of dollars in the long run

Who am I?
- I have the top video on YouTube about Amazon product ideas (100K+ views).
- I have launched 1200+ products in all niches over the course of 3 years with I've seen what works and what doesn't based on thousands of data points.